10 April 2020

Sugar to alcohol conversion chart

This chart gives you control over your ex-pat plonk production. It is the only chart of its kind you'll ever need and is so useful that I've decided to make it the footer of every page on the blog, so you'll never have to hunt for it when you need it. The footer version is the full page width and is easier to read.
Paraglider's sugar to alcohol conversion chart

  • The top pink bar shows the target ABV % of the finished product, up to a maximum of 15% which is a realistic upper limit for direct fermentation.  
  • The bottom green bar shows the corresponding sugar content in grams per litre. For example, to produce an ABV of 12%, the required sugar content is 210 g/l.
  • The middle yellow bar shows the required original gravity (OG) of the unfermented juice, assuming all the sugar was added at the start. Again, to produce an ABV of 12% the required OG is 82.

Don't worry if the concept of original gravity feels a bit confusing. I'll give it a page of its own to explain what it is and how to measure it. This page was simply to introduce the conversion chart.

Now, scroll down and admire the full size chart at the foot of this (and every) page. Don't say I'm not good to you!

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